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Importance of the SDF course

What Is A Skills Development Facilitator?

Firstly, what exactly is a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)?

An SDF is an individual who works to ensure that your company’s Workplace Skills Plan/Implementation Report is developed and implemented, while also serving as a liaison between you and your SETA.

SDF’s who study the unit standards advocated would be more qualified to complete the functions of a professional SDF which I believe should be recognised by HR practitioners as  

Advising on and implementation of Quality management Systems for skills development
Conducting analysis to determine outcomes of training
Conducting skills development administration
Coordinating skills development interventions
Utilising their skills in advising others on outcomes based education within the context of the NQF
Developing the organisations training and development plans

The SDF is a fundamental and integral part of the company’s skills development and training process in that it is that person’s role to ensure that not only the submissions are submitted but also to ensure that the training that is provided is done in such a way as to maximise the company’s grant application, meets the criteria for the employee as well as the company’s objectives, vision and mission and supports the growth of the company and its employees in a holistic way, within legislative requires.

Roles of an SDF:

Facilitator: To facilitate the development of an employer’s skills development strategy
Expert: To serve as an expert resource for accrediting the employer as a training provider and for the implementation of appropriate learnerships and skills programmes.
Administrator: To complete and submit the
Advisor: To advise the employers and employees on the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) and on the implementation of the WSP
Education and needs evaluator: To assess the skills development needs of the organisation
Mediator: To serve as a contact person between the employer and the relevant Seta

What do SDF’s do?

SDF’s work out what the training gaps are in an organisation’s workforce. They then draw up training plans to address those gaps. They consult and advise on all aspects of people development. They interact with appropriate authorities (Seta’s) and claim back cash (grants) for training.

Which companies should appoint an SDF?

As per the Skills Development Levies Act, all employers of organisations that are registered for skills development levy purposes with SARS have to appoint an SDF who must co-ordinate all skills related activities of an organisation.

Assisting Workplaces in Developing a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)

A WSP is a document in which a company’s skills needs and the various skills development interventions needed to address these needs are listed.

Your SDF should develop and submit a yearly WSP to comply with the current Skills Development legislation in South Africa. A qualified and experienced SDF should do this.

By complying with these requirements, a company can access numerous skills training SETA grants. Yet, to qualify, your company will also have to submit your Annual Training Reports (ATR).

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