Intended Benefits of RPL

Intended Benefits of RPL

Intended Benefits of RPL for Candidates

  • Avoid having to spend time, energy, and resources repeating training for what they already know and can do.
  • Reduction of time to obtain a recognised qualification by either obtaining a qualification or a statement of results and / or a work experience record.
  • Knowledge, skills or experience gained in one environment can be recognised for a different related environment.
  • Identify gaps in their knowledge and skills and therefore identify any learning that needs to occur to meet the requirements of a particular qualification or job.
  • Potential fast tracking of career progression.
  • Enhanced access to employment


Intended Benefits of RPL for RPL Service Providers

  • More efficient utilisation of learning resources.
  • Increase institutional efficiency by eliminating duplicate education or training.
  • Increase student recruitment and r
  • Allow for more appropriate placement of learners in programs.
  • Meet the needs of a wider range of learners.
  • Expand learning options to provide more modular and accessible approaches.
  • Provide an important service for business, industry and community.

Enhance the image of the institution in the community.

Intended Benefits of RPL for Employers

  • Reduction in the time that learners spend in learning institutions away from the workplace.
  • Possibility to fast track learners in career paths.
  • More efficient utilisation of staff.
  • Improvement in employee morale.
  • Awareness of employee’s knowledge, skills and experience relevant to their

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